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InheRET identifies patients who may be at increased risk for hereditary cancers, enabling them to access risk-reducing care for better long-term outcomes.

• Cancer is the 2nd most common cause of death in America, behind heart disease.
• Each year, nearly 1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer and more than 600,000 die of the disease.
• Approximately 10% of cancers are caused by hereditary gene mutations (germline mutations).
• Patients with germline mutations are at greatly increased cancer risk
• Preventive care can reduce cancer risk by as much as 95%

Why InheRET?

InheRET reduces the barriers physicians face in identifying their patients
who may be at increased risk for hereditary cancer.   

  • EASY AND SIMPLE - cut down the time in collecting full family health histories. Invite the patient and receive a report when they are done
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - web-enabled devices - at your convenience
  • UP TO DATE - remove the difficultly in keeping current with ever-changing NCCN Guidelines®

Reduce Errors,
Literacy Barriers, and
Patient Anxiety

Written at a 4th-grade level, patients easily complete their personal and family health history from their web-enabled device, at their convenience. They can consult family members, improving accuracy without the in-clinic time pressures

Easy and Simple to Use

physicians receive a patient report complete with next-steps recommendations and family health pedigree


Linked to
Best Practice

patient information runs through algorithms based on NCCN Guidelines® and other nationally recognized criteria, to return recommendations regarding the appropriateness of referral to genetic counseling

InheRET Library Access

InheRET™ Library includes patient and physician education materials, and a directory of genetics clinics to aid in referrals

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InheRET™, empowering individuals to accurately identify their risk for hereditary conditions.

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